Pet Dog Bed


Pet Dog Bed

Wooden Bed
Indoor Outdoor

Pet Dog Bed- Indoor Outdoor Wood- Elevated Design

Elevated  4½” off the ground for all dogs to have easy access including old, small or large dogs. This keeps the dog off cold, warm or hard surfaces and prevents elbow calluses. This dog bed can be especially good for dogs with joint and arthritic conditions.

Pet Dog Bed

25 lbs.




Comfortable and Hygienic

The Dog Bed Sleeper provides comfort and soft support. It is easy for dogs to move around or exit the bed. It does not provide an area for bacteria and odor that are found on pillow beds.

Easy To Clean

The surface fabric is a durable, breathable woven, vinyl coated polyester that makes cleaning a breeze. Its surface cleans easily with a hose and soap and water or wipe clean with a cleansing cloth.  No longer use your washer and dryer to clean filled pillow type beds. The fabric does not collect hair, odor and bacteria found in traditional pillow beds.

Pet Dog Bed

German Short Hair
50 lbs.


Indoor Or Outdoor Use

Whichever you prefer this bed is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It  is constructed of durable materials that withstand the elements and is UV light resistant. It is fast drying. Built like a deck, soft as a bed. The frame is built to withstand rain and sun with minimum fading.


Pet Dog Bed

Chesapeake Bay Retriever
115 lbs.





This bed is durable. Has a unique design and is heavy  (27 lbs) to make it difficult for a dog to push or move  when entering or exiting the dog bed. It offers support without clumping like traditional filled pillow type beds.


The dog bed sleeper is available with four different color frames and four different color fabrics. This uniquely designed bed can only be found at and on E -Bay.